About Doam

    Since its origin, DOAM has tried to transmit the importance of responsible consumption and ethical production. Our commitment is to create basic wardrobe staples in the core collection, and regular releases of exclusive "EVENT" pieces throughout the year. Our brand is Spanish and that is why we produce nationally. Our collections are entirely made in Spain, using the best materials and incorporating timeless and versatile pieces 100% made in Spain.


      Seasons do not exist in DOAM, which allows us to create a permanent wardrobe. In our universe, your daytime outfit becomes your nighttime secret weapon. Each piece is designed for those who live in "LESS IS MORE" and need their clothes to adapt to their lifestyle needs, from day to night. Fashion made easier.


    Our brand supports the health of our planet, workers and users. We choose to manufacture our products by hand within our own community, in workshops that value traditional techniques and the art of textile manufacturing, thus supporting fair trade.



    I am Marina Dominguez, founder and creative director of DOAM . I started in the world of fashion from a very young age, with 23 years of experience in the sector, going through different incredible departments, I have always believed that "everything that is fashion goes out of style". I decided to make a change and turn my life around, from traveling week after week at a fast pace, to stop, to understand fashion from another "slow fashion" perspective of how we conceive fashion and the designer's work. Each piece, each design and each inspiration is accompanied by a "less is more" with simple cuts, always taking care of the details and enhancing the female figure to make her feel attractive and self-confident.